Pictorial Abstractions
Sculptural Abstractions
Desert Period
Raku Firings
China 2007



wall platters

This period began as a break from the sculptures with a chance to work two dimensionally. I always liked platters on the wall and it allowed me to draw for them. Later I realized that I was feeling the same satisfaction I attained when I was drawing for the desert wall sculptures. That period had pictorial underpinnings. This period is more purely pictorial.

The first years of working on the platters saw the imagery go through lots of ideas, all within the abstract idiom. Curved lines played with the sections and actions of the circle and oval. Dots came in and harmonized or reinforced the actions going on in the imagery.

After working on the platters for a few years I felt the imagery had matured and warranted exploration in a larger format. In 2012 I did the first sectionals. Now I move between the platters and sectionals as notions occur that lead to a new thread in the story.