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Raku Firings are for people who have raku bisqueware and need a place to do a raku firing. Generally they will bring their bisqueware, glaze it here, pre-heat it and fire it. Sometimes people bring their ware pre-glazed, or sometimes they glaze it here a day or more in advance. Click on Raku Firings for more information and upcoming dates.

Raku Firings are open to High School Students as well as Adults. High School Students may register and come for one of the scheduled firings listed in the Firing Dates Schedule or they may come with their school to a special firing arranged by their teacher (see the student page).

About Raku:
About four hundred years ago the Japanese learned about a fast-firing pottery making process from the Koreans. When the pots reached temperature they would be pulled from the kiln using tongs. The process created lots of accidental color and texture variations that made the pots appeal to the Shinto-based Japanese aesthetic. The serendipitous accidents were seen as fortunate and the word raku, which means happiness, is used for the process. Raku-made tea bowls were incorporated into the tea ceremony.

Then, about fifty years ago American potters started experimenting with the raku technique and added some post-firing procedures. Primarily they would smoke the red hot pots with straw, sawdust or newspaper, usually in or under a metal can. New and unique color and surface qualities emerged in this very American version of Raku. We will continue the experimental attitude in our raku explorations.