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High School Students receive a discount for any Raku Firings they participate in. The minimum per student is $35 instead of the normal $50 for adults. Usually students raku through their high school (see the next section) but they can also come on other available firing dates. Call me if you want to raku but are not coming with a school group.

High School Student Firings: High Schools can arrange their own separate firing day, usually on a Saturday or Sunday or it can be scheduled as a field trip during the school week. Scheduling and Registration is handled by the teacher. Registration is complete when the teacher has collected the students $35.

What the minimum covers: The minimum allows a student the space of two 10"x10" shelves, with no more than 3 pieces on any 10"x10" shelf at one time. Larger pieces cannot be greater than a 10"x10" shelf in area. Students having more pieces than will fit on the two 10"x10" shelves can get additional 10"x10" shelf spaces at $15 each. The height for any piece can be up to 20 inches.