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Fall 2014 Firings Schedule

The fall firing dates will start going up late August or early September.

People glazing on the day of the firing should arrive an hour early. People who want to glaze before the firing day should consult with me for an alternative time.

Program Information:
The cost of participating in the Firings is based on how much kiln shelf space is used. There is a $50 minimum which allows a participant the space of two 10"x10" shelves with no more than 3 pieces on any 10"x10" shelf at one time. Large pieces cannot be greater than a 10"x10" shelf in area. Participants having more pieces than will fit on the two 10"x10" shelves can get additional 10"x10" shelf spaces at $20 each. The height of any piece cannot be greater than 20 inches.

Alternative Dates:
Two or more people can schedule an alternative raku firing date. The new date will then be added to the list of dates above and people can register for it as well. So check back to see if new dates have been added. You can also email me and ask to be notified when a new date has been added to the schedule.

Click here for the printable Raku Charges PDF. This pdf explains the basis of the charges and includes further details.