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Email me * with the subject heading: Raku Registration.

Include the following information:

1) Which Firing Date you are registering for.
2) Your name.
3) Your address and phone number.
4) If you are a high school student, please identify your high school. If your firing with your class, registration is done with your teacher.

Your email will hold your place for five days. Mail me a deposit check of $50 ($35 for High School students) to:

Ken Vavrek
930 Hilltown Pike
Hilltown, PA 18927

Receipt of your check completes the registration and I will email you when it arrives. If, for some reason, I don't receive your check within the five days, I will call you.

*(vavrek@comcast.net) The email may be addressed to my wife, Mary, but I will get it. Thank you.